Kitchens :

Kitchen installation and home installation by our company

Carrying out the installation of the kitchen by our company: You have just bought or carried out the design of a custom-made kitchen or not and you have problems with the installation of the kitchen, cutting a worktop or fixing a hood.
Contact our kitchen installers and service providers who will help you with specific needs ranging from installing kitchen cabinets to the complete realization of your space.

Kitchen installation service

Our specialists in kitchen assembly are responsible for the assembly of the boxes, internal fittings, installation of the worktop, drawers, doors, taps, lighting and all the finishes (panels, mouldings and strips) .

What is the price for the installation of the kitchen?

The price for the installation of the kitchen will depend on several characteristics. Therefore, the price of installation of your kitchen can vary from simple to double. It is important that you study the following points beforehand

– The size of the kitchen: The price of a 10m² kitchen set will not be the same compared to larger or smaller dimensions. The price of this kitchen installation depends on several elements: The size, the amount of furniture you can include the transport according to your kitchen installer. 

– The type of kitchen: a kitchen kit will cost less than a custom kitchen. The price also varies according to the rendering: classic, modern or more sophisticated.

– The materials of your kitchen: wood and other noble and robust materials such as granite and quartz are certainly aesthetic, but they will cost you more than synthetic materials.

– The choice of your kitchen installer: yourself, or by a professional: if you do the installation yourself, you will save on labour costs, but you will have to spend time and energy on the design of your kitchen. If you use our company, the price will be lower than that of a professional kitchen designer. And finally, for a professional to install a kitchen, you will potentially have to wait and budget more than an intermediary.

Our company is also qualified to install solid wood or laminated worktops. Whether you choose granite or another solid surface worktop, we can ensure that the installation of the kitchen is smooth from start to finish. We suggest that you use the kitchen installation service for the complete kitchen installation or help you with the installation of the kitchen where you need it. As we offer a service for the installation of the kitchen, our aim is to satisfy you. Therefore, we want to make sure that you are satisfied before, during and after the installation of your kitchen.

Whether it is simply modernizing a worn out kitchen or installing a luxury space that would make a famous chef jealous, with such an important room, finding the perfect worker for the placement and layout of your kitchen and doing the job. Don’t have the material for the installation of the kitchen? 

Bathrooms :

Choose the ideal layout of your bathroom according to technical constraints

Although we started looking for decorative elements, lighting, furniture, basins … for the bathroom, we let ourselves be carried away by the beauty of certain elements. However, it often happens that we are disappointed that in the end we cannot implement them due to technical limitations that we had not thought of before. For example, what should my bathroom look like? What space do I have to place the decorative elements according to the regulatory limitations? 60 cm in front of the sink, 90 cm wide for the shower area …

All these questions arise from studying the plans of your home and more specifically your water space. Therefore, the first step will be to find the plans of your home. Our company will then be able to identify the technical limitations that will condition the distribution of your bathroom. For example, we will have to think about the ventilation of your bathroom to avoid mould and other bad smells due to humidity.

We will also have to think about the power supply that will allow the connection of equipment. For example, it could be an outlet near your sink or wash basin, or even an outlet for your various ceiling lights.

What do I need in my future bathroom?

Although they are able to guide you in the choice of your equipment, it is nevertheless more pleasant to have time to think about the elements that will compose your bathroom. It is also important to establish a budget when a professional installs your bathroom. The risk is that you may not get the most out of your new bathroom, but see it as a financial pit.

The choice of bathrooms or toilets.

For example, we can start thinking about the need for a bathroom. Very often, we find that the space required for this type of equipment considerably reduces the wellness area. The professional who will guide you will tell you that it is also necessary to have a space of at least 60 cm in front of your toilet and 15 cm around it.

The choice of bath or shower.

Again, you will have to be realistic. The space required for a free-standing bath is not the same as the space required for a floor-level shower. Ideally, we recommend a space of 90 cm x 90 cm around the elements for greater comfort of use. Regulatory restrictions on individual bathrooms should also be taken into account.

The choice of sinks and other accessories

As sinks are very popular at the moment, you will need to think about what shape you would like for yours. Think also about how you would like to use your storage furniture. If you have space limitations (see article Bathroom accessories: finding a specialist in small surfaces), you can play with depth effects with mirrors or a tile made of small or medium sized tiles.

As you will have understood, the job of a professional is to guide you in your steps and offer you the right materials according to the space of your bathroom and the technical constraints, and of course to install all these elements! What a professional cannot do for you is to choose your bathroom accessories.

Therefore, you should take the time to mature your project, analyze the weaknesses and strengths of your water source, identify your real needs and know the cost of installation, so as not to exceed your budget. And don’t regret taking a moment to relax in your new comfort space.

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