Electrical installations

Our company carries out all the work of electrical installation, distribution and connection of household appliances in homes, lofts, etc…

Business description

The building electrician is traditionally responsible for the electrical equipment of buildings. He or she may also be asked to participate in more complex installations, such as air conditioning or a lift.

As part of a renovation plan, our company replaces old installations to bring them up to new standards.

Based on the plans, the electrician (us) determines the location of the electrical installation elements. He then proceeds to lay cables, wires, switchboards or cabinets and plugs. All work to meet electrical safety standards is also your responsibility.

The activities of the building electrician cover a large number of different installations. On large construction sites, the electrician does not refer to assembly diagrams and plans drawn up by architects or engineers. After commissioning, he is usually in charge of maintenance.

Automation (home automation) is very popular today and represents a renewal of the electrician’s work. All these markets require impeccable technical skills, to which we must adapt.

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