Natural stone such as marble is a high density and well crystallized limestone. Its colours often come from the presence of metallic oxides. Its colours and hardness are diverse but it lends itself perfectly to polishing thanks to its calcite and dolimite content. Granite is a magmatic stone, not limestone. Highly resistant to wear and frost, it is ideal for flooring, facades and stairs. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. As marble and granite are natural stones, they can have differences in colour shades and grain. Therefore, only an experienced tiler aware of this fact could value them.

Why choose a natural stone facade?

Natural stone, in addition to its strength and elegance, has many other virtues that make it one of the best decorative and functional alternatives, which is why we are increasingly turning to natural stone facades.

The way we live and the way we build have evolved in recent times, however, and fortunately, architecture has been able to preserve stone as a building material, thus ensuring its validity.

Why opt for a natural stone facade?

1. Resistance, this is the most recognized quality of natural stone.

If you want a facade that will last for years without changes, natural stone is the best solution thanks to its great durability.

2. Availability and variety. Fortunately, natural stone is a product with a great tradition in our country. That’s why we have a large number of varieties (from the cheapest to the most expensive), colours and textures. You have several options to choose from!

3. Changes in climate, long exposure to the sun, sudden changes in temperature, snow, rain, frost… are no problem for this type of facade.

Natural stone invariably resists these changes in climate, thanks to its properties.

4. It adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of other materials, natural stone combines perfectly with other types of materials, such as wood or even aluminium, is always in fashion and adapts to all weather conditions.

The advantages of installing stone facades at home.

Insulation, the stone cladding acts as an acoustic and thermal barrier, keeping your home cool in summer and at the right temperature in winter. Isn’t that a good advantage?

It never goes out of style, no matter how minimalist or rustic your home interior is, the stone facade will blend in well with any style.

Why choose us when buying marble and stone?

The materials are carefully selected and processed with the most advanced industrial processes to offer you the highest quality products without any speculators in between.

We have a team of experienced professionals and highly qualified experts in working with natural stone.

Our team is characterised by its personalised attention, which guarantees the best value for money for our products and services.

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