Even before applying paint or any other coating, we perform a whole series of preparation tasks:

  • Scaffolding assembly.
  • Protection of furniture and floors with canvases.
  • Securing the site with bodyguards and anti-fall lifeguards.
  • Preparing the substrates (removing old paint, peeling off old wallpaper, sealing cracks, coating, sanding, etc.) to obtain a smooth or rough surface as desired (filling in the gaps).
  • Preparation of products to be applied: paint, dyes, resins, etc.
  • Laying of coatings (possibly ensuring the waterproofing of surfaces and their acoustic insulation).


The variety of techniques and coatings used requires a lot of knowledge and skills:

  • Tool handling: brushes, rollers, brushes, guns, cutters, scissors, wringers, electric saw, sander, etc…
  • Good knowledge of the substrates and coatings to be applied (wood species, metals, plaster, etc.).
  • Competence in the application of painting techniques on plaster, brush or float.
  • Knowledge and respect for safety instructions on a construction site.

Meticulous, precise and versatile, the house painter knows how to adapt to any type of place, work in a team and, through his taste for decoration and his sensitivity for colour harmony, give judicious advice to the client.

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