The plumber installs, repairs, adjusts and maintains the sanitary equipment (toilets, bathrooms, etc.), as well as the gas, water and drainage pipes (steel, copper, PVC, etc.) .

The plumber drills the walls to pass the pipe (water, gas, drains) and then covers the holes. The plumber can also install household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.), air conditioning and ventilation systems, fountains, swimming pools, automatic sprinklers, boilers, solar panels, fire protection systems and water heaters. The plumber finally checks the correct functioning of the plumbing elements he has installed.



Before acting, the plumber starts by studying the route of the pipes (water, gas, drains). Then, depending on the type of intervention requested, he has to perform various tasks:

  • Cutting, welding and laying of pipes.
  • Connection of taps and appliances (sanitary ware, heating, washing machine, etc.).
  • Checking the correct operation of the installation (watertightness, insulation, conformity, etc.).
  • Electrical connections, adjustments and commissioning.
  • Maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of the installation.
  • Installation of ventilation or air conditioning equipment.
  • Optional: domotics, installation of cladding (stoneware, carpet, linoleum, etc.), installation of furniture (bathroom, toilet, kitchen, etc.), cleaning of smoke ducts.

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