How to renovate your roof ?

You want to repair / renovate your roof. You just don’t know how to proceed. In fact, the roof is a little known area and difficult to access. In addition, the cost of a renewal is usually high, so we are at your disposal.

First we will start by checking the condition of your roof: drains, openings, covers, assessing the damage caused by time and bad weather. Take the opportunity to clean these areas (leaves, moss …).


Choosing the perfect material for the roof of the home is an odyssey because it does not mean opting for the first option that is presented to us, on the contrary, it implies a study of the pros and cons of each material so that the selection is the one that is greatest. benefits it brings you, both for the climatic conditions of the place where you live, the characteristics of the neighborhood, and even the structure of the construction.

Once this has been clarified now, if we can go on to know and admire what each of the materials that can make up the roof are capable of providing, from tiles to wood, through cement, sheets and even straw.

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