Swimming pool construction

The most important point for us is that the pools we build are completely satisfactory for our customers.

Therefore, all stages of our projects are carried out with the sole objective of ensuring that your pool, whether new or renovated, corresponds in every way to what you want.

Phase 1. DESIGN
During this step, we decide with our clients the size and shape of their pool; we define the use that will be made of their pool and the model that best suits their terrain. You also choose the interior equipment – stairs, waterfalls, spa accessories, etc. – and the outdoor equipment – mechanical chlorination devices, showers, etc. – you want. Now is also the time to decide where the control tools will be.

After a study of the nature of your land, we proceed to prepare the foundations of your pool. Using a backhoe, we dig into the ground so that we can place the steel structure, pipes and all other parts useful for the proper functioning of the pool. We then remove all the waste generated.


The panels are tailor-made for each pool we build. Their height and width depend on the shape of your pool. They are manufactured in such a way that assembly on site is not a problem.

Once the earthworks have been completed, we place the gravel, the protective canvas and pour the base slab that will support the weight of all your installations, thus ensuring the stability and durability of your pool..

Phase 5. COATING
Once the concrete or steel structure is in place, we suggest that you place a high quality liner. The reinforced PVC liner fits all pool shapes and has an infallible resistance.

Phase 6. FILLING
Getting into the water is the last step before enjoying your pool to the full. This phase can take several days and once the tank is full we can carry out the necessary tests to check the correct functioning of the filtering nozzles, the heating, but also the correct positioning of the liner.

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